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Custom-made Designer Labels
for your best jewellery
only available from this website

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Do you design high-end quality jewellery
and want a personalised label to match?

Beautifully engraved stick-on labels that ooze quality and reinforce the status of your brand.

These thin metallic labels are engraved with your name, eg "Designs by Kylie". Available in either gold or silver, they can be bought in quantites as small as just one sheet of 88.

At around 55c each they should be reserved for your very best work, where making an impression counts. They come in a variety of shapes - you choose the wording you want. Order your custom labels here

Want to see a sample?
Just send us a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:
Sample label,,
PO Box 595 Taree NSW 2430

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The labels are actually engraved onto a metallic like foil, as a result there is no black colour. We recommend you see a sample first before ordering

They come on an A4 sheet and the number of labels per sheet varies from 72 to 88 depending on the shape of the label. The labels shown on this page are bigger than actual size. Most labels are 24mm x 24mm (88 to a sheet). The oval-shaped ones are 31mm x 19mm (72 to a sheet), and the rectangular one is 30mm x 24mm (72 to a sheet). The double-heart shape is 31mm x 19mm (72 to a sheet). Price for any sheet is $AUD48.95 Buy 2 or more sheets and get free freight in Australia AND a 10% discount

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John or Wendy Carmichael, craft.ontheinternet,
PO Box 595, 53 High St Taree NSW Australia 2430
contact us, Phone/fax 02 6552 4188, International: Phone/fax +61 2 6552 4188