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Peel-off stickers

Sheets with words and phrases

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Alphabets, Letters & Numbers

This page is not always up-to-date, so click to list all our lettering sheets, and scrapbook lettering
CS-013 (numbers), CS-014 (upper case), CS-015 lowercase,
CS-419 (numbers), CS-418 (upper case), CS-420 lowercase,
CS-028 (numbers), CS-029 lettering , CS-679 (large numbers),
click to see sheet CS-052 Script- lowercase, CS-053 script UPPERcase,
CS-144 large uppercase, CS-628 uppercase
CS-432 lowercase, uppercase & numbers, (all on one sheet)
CS-459 numbers for birthdays (includes st,nd, rd, th)
CS-649 numbers, CS-421 numbers 1-24, CS-686 (large holographic numbers)

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Phrases & words Click to list all word sheets

CS-251 "Confirmation" CS-114 " Thinking of you" CS-637,CS676, CS-153 "Congratulations"
CS-073 "Thank You" CS-675 "God bless you " CS-112, CS-657 "Happy Anniversary"
CS-046 "Best Wishes" CS-109 "Get Well Soon" CS-106, CS-647 "Happy New Year"
CS-075 "Happy Mothers Day" CS-129 "Its a Boy A New Baby" CS-012, CS-038, CS-682 "Happy Birthday"
CS-149 "Wedding Invitation" CS-128 "Its a Girl A New Baby" CS-009, CS-610, CS-646 "Invitation"
CS-147 "21st Birthday" CS-660 "Handmade by" CS650 "With Love Best Wishes"
CS-631 "I Love You" CS-070 "With Love" CS-252 "New born"
CS-110 "With Sympathy" CS-111 "Happy Easter" CS-007, CS-086 "A gift for You"
CS-080 "Its a Party" CS-168 Special Delivery CS-166 "Just for You,
Made for You
CS-692 "Order of Service" CS-696 "Well Done" CS-462 "Just for you"

Mixed word sheets:

CS-654 "With Thinking Deepest of you Sympathy Just Get well Soon for Acceptance You For Someone Special God comforts You"
CS-127 "To Mother Father Our Son Daughter My Brother Sister To a Grand Dear great-in-law Friend"
CS-178 "Best wishes for your special day, Faith hope & Love, From this day forward, Blessings, Congratulations, warmest wishes for our wedding day, two shall become one"
CS-179 "Thank you, thanks so much"
CS-010 "Best wishes, Congratulations, Get Well Soon, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary"
CS-175 "Happy Birthday, get well soon, Hello, thinking of you, Just a note, Have a Happy Day, Hi!
CS-194 "Greetings,get well soon best wishes All the best thank you anniversary happy birthday good luck congratulations
CS-115 "Happy Birthday Congratulations"
CS-123 "18  21st 18th 21 Best Wishes"
CS-126 "18 21 25 30 40 50 70 75 80 st th"
CS-074 "Mother Dear Father Happy Mother's day Brother Sister"
CS-663 "Goodonya mate Gday With Love from Australia Greetings from downunder Seeya later How're you going Catcha later"
CS-690 "Best wishes, Congratulations on your our the day of Engagement, Happy Silver Golden Pearl Ruby Diamond 25th 30th 50th Anniversary"

Xmas messages:

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CS-006 mixed Christmas,
CS-059, CS-623, CS-656, CS-680 Merry Christmas,
CS-045, CS-624, CS-125 Seasons Greetings,
CS-066 Happy Christmas
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