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available in nickel, silver, gold & copper plateclick to list jumpringsThe art of joining hundreds of jumprings to make beautiful chain jewellery, derives from the ancient art of making chainmail armour suits. We can supply large quantities of jump ring for those who like to make chainmail armour, or chain maille jewellery.

Chainmail or Chain Maille

Jump Ring table
Internal diameter
weight/1000 pcs
price per 1000 pcs
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81.3 grms
97.5 grms
122 grams
140 grams
188 grams
All of the above jump rings are made from 1mm thick wire (18 gauge). They are available in gold-tone, or silver-plate. The base metal is steel. Modern mail makers often refer to the size of rings they are working with, by the inner diameter.
Basemetal jump rings made from 1.2mm thick wire
300 grams

All our other jump rings are listed here

Click for all our vermeil or sterling silver jump rings

Jumpring toolTorc using Captive Inverted Round weave Use these jump rings to make Gothic or period chainmail jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, headdresses, handflowers, and slave chains.

Click for other pre-made chain for use as decoration with your chainmail creations. We have lots of clasps to choose from. Also have a look at our AAA crystals. Click for sterling silver jump rings or sterling silver wire. If you haven't got yourself a set yet, you'll want to get our set of 4 pliers in a carry case.

You'll find our finger jumpring holder invaluable to hold the jumprings steady while you close them. See our tools page here or a catalogue list of all our tools here

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Chainmail instruction Book with animated tutorials

The e-Book advertised below, has beautifully illustrated, crystal clear, detailed drawings and simple instructions that take you from start to finish. You'll be able to understand 9 chainmaille patterns right away. You donít have to know how to solder or buy expensive tools to make chainmaille. We've checked it out and are happy to recommend it.
There is
NO RISK - because there is a 60 day money back guarantee of satisfaction!
Chainmaille Jewelry Pattern e-book will teach you how easy it is to make chainmaille.


Want to learn more about how to make chain maille?

Chaine Maille resources

Guides, tutorials and pattern weaves Chain maille jewellery makers & ideas
Jewellery making with chaine maille
Pictures of chainmail weave patterns & tutorials
Chaine maille weave samples and close-ups
The Basic 4 in 1 chainmail Pattern:
site 1, site 2, site 3
The Impenetrable 6 in 1 Pattern

Gallery of M.A.I.L Maille Artisans International League
Chainmail necklaces - ideas

Free Spiral pattern: click to get the pattern

List all our Jump rings
click to download pattern

Free chainmaille pattern

To buy a Kit of Sterling silver jumprings and hooks for this pattern- click here

printed instructions
and animation available

click to download pattern


bracelet by Chris Allen

Chainmail is also known by its older name chain maille and sometimes misspelt chaine maille. The term chainmail is relatively new (since around the 1700s). The first evidence of the use of chainmail armour dates back to the 5th century BC. Learn more about the history of chain maile here in wikipedia

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