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Beginner's Tutorial :- How to open jump rings

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If you find that your jumprings never quite close properly, its because you are not opening them correctly!

Never open your jumpring so that it gets bigger, (ie the diameter of the jumpring increases when you open it) as shown in the first part of our illustration below. If you open them that way, you are deforming the shape and it won't go back tightly, even if it does, it will be weakened and is more likely to fall open.

Always open the jumpring by a twisting-sideways action, creating a gap that doesn't make the jumpring's diameter any bigger. (as shown in the second part of our illustration below). This uses the natural spring of the jumpring, and because the join remains in alignment, it goes back exactly where it was, when you close it.

How to open jump rings


Tools for use with jumprings: Chain nose pliers, jumpring finger tool, looping pliers, mandrils
jumpring pliers jumpring holding toollooping pliers make your own jumprings


Snapeez® Jump rings "solder" themselves closed!

Want your jumpring to close securely and permanently so it doesn't open?
Snapeez® are self-locking, they do NOT require soldering.
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You'll never have to worry again about the jumpring popping open under stress
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