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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Can anyone order from you?:
Yes, you don't have to be a business, or have an ABN number. You can find out more about ordering from us here.
Do you have a catalogue?:
We do not have a printed-on-paper catalogue. To print your own catalogues, choose "Catalogues" from our menu system. When the one you want has finished loading, use your right mouse button to click on a blank spot in the catalogue, then choose print. In the print dialogue box choose "selected frame"
Your beads catalogue is too big- my computer times out- what do I do?:
The whole bead catalogue is getting so big that some people using dial-up services are unable to get it all on their computer. To solve this, and to make it easy to do a printout, we have a page that displays the catalogue without pictures. When it appears you can see the pictures and order by clicking on the underlined product codes. You can also use our Search page to limit the number of items that are listed.
What is your minimum order?:
There is no minimum order. All Australian orders attract a $9 handling and freight charge- higher for overseas.
Can I fax in my order?:
Sorry, no. We no longer keep a fax machine. Please email your order.
Can I order on-line without a credit card?:
Yes.Order on-line, then when you get to the "finalise order" page, choose how you wish to pay. For more instructions about how to order, click here.
How do I clear out my old order?:
Try clicking here. If your order still refuses to clear please follow these instructions
I can only order one product, it keeps removing the others?:
The most likely reason is that your browser has been set so as not to accept "cookies". A cookie is a small file that retains the details of your order until you are ready to send it to us. The way to enable cookies varies depending on your browser. We suggest you try this link, which will do a Google search for you on the topic of enabling cookies.
Can I buy at wholesale rates?:
We can provide discounts for large orders. We do not operate credit accounts. To get an idea of our quantity deals click here: In our beads & findings you will find that we have substantially better prices for larger quantities. If there is a particular item you are interested in that does not have a larger quantity offered on the website, please ask us about a bulk price.
Do you take American Express credit card?:
click to learn more about e-PathYes,
  • There is no surcharge for using your Amex card
  • Card details can be entered online on our secure ePath website.
What are your delivery charges?:
You can read about our delivery rates here. Basically all orders within Australia cost $9. Orders sent overseas will cost more.
Why do small orders cost $9 to post?:
The $9 is a minimum handling charge. It is designed to discourage very small orders. No matter what the order size we still have to go to our warehouse, pick the order, pack it, invoice it, process the credit card & post it. We estimate it actually costs us $9 without the postage.
When I order bulk "mixed", can I get the mix of colours I want?:
Yes, for most bulk quantity items, you can. Please read these special instructions here.
Is ... sterling silver or just silver-plated?:
Items which are described as silver, are only sterling silver if they say so. In the beads and charms catalogue the sterling silver items have code numbers in the 400s, eg M403 or CM466. Click to list all the sterling silver items. Read about the difference between plating, sterling silver, vermeil and gold-filled by clicking here
How do I give you special instructions about my order?:
You go to the "finalise Order" page, and in the "substitutes" field, you can give extra information, or instructions, or remind us about special quoted prices.
I can't find ... Can you get them in for me?: search our website
Please ask- often we already have a product, but haven't yet put it up on our website. Also if you don't ask we won't know that its important to you! We like to hear from our customers about what they think we should be selling.
Do you have a shop... Can I come and browse?:
We run our business as mail order. It is not a set up as a retail shop. We are located in Taree which is 3.5 hours drive north of Sydney. You will find a location map here.
Can I pay by direct deposit- what are your bank details?:
Yes, if you have an Australian bank account. Paying by direct deposit is an option on our ordering system. We don't publish our bank account details on our website. You will need to contact us to get them. When you do a direct deposit, please put your name as the reference, or we won't know whose money it is! Can you send us an email when the deposit is done? If you live outside Australia, we suggest you use PayPal. Click here for more details about payment options
Can you send me an email when ... comes back into stock?:
Yes, if you go to that particular products order page, you will find a link that says "To get a reminder when this is back in stock - click here". Click there and fill in your details to get a reminder sent to you.
How do I find out what other reminders I have previously requested?:
You can't. Don't worry too much if you ask more than once, we usually weed out duplicates, but the worst that can happen is that you get more than one email when the product comes back into stock.
Where do I go to Login or register?:
You don't need to login or register to order craft supplies from this website.
Do you have an admin section where I can look at my previous orders?:
No. Your order is not actually held on our computer, it is retained on your computer in a data file called a "cookie". When you submit your order, the cookie is not automatically cleared, so you can always see what you ordered last time by going to the shopping cart icon. You should get a copy/confirmation of each order you send us, and you will get a detailed invoice with each order potsed. We suggest you keep the confirmation emails in a separate folder in your email program for easy reference. If you need copies we can send them to you. We try to keep to a minimum, the amount of private information actually held on the web server. It seems to us that keeping everybody's information, and all their past orders, accessible via the internet is too much of a privacy risk.
ONTHEINTERNET PROD- TAREE appears on my credit card statement:
This is the merchant name for a number of online businesses. Please click here to find out more

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