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M009dCraftwire non-tarnish wire 18 ga 10 yards - 1 reel


click for Full viewsilver . copper .

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M10750mm headpins pack of 20


click for Full viewsilver . black . gold . copper .

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M100c M107b M107c M107t

M107b50mm headpins pack of 100


click for Full viewsilver . black . gold . copper .

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M100c M107 M107t

M108Continental Clips (leverbacks) pack of 20


click for Full viewsilver . black . copper .

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M110 M111 M111a M112 M112c

M110Earring hooks- 20 pcs


click for Full viewmixed . silver . copper . black .

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M111 M111a M112 M112c

M110aEarring hooks- 200 pcs


click for Full viewmixed . gold . copper . black .

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M108 M111 M111a M112 M112c

M111Flat ear wires- 16 pcs


click for Full viewgold . black . copper .

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M108 M110 M111a M112 M112c

M140bWire protectors - 144pcs


click for Full viewcopper . black .

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M141Carlotte crimp 20 pcs


click for Full viewgold . black . copper .

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M142 M143f M143g

  code  description  colours  similar
M141acarlotte crimps 100 pcs


click for Full viewblack . copper .

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M141 M143f M143g

M1464mm jump ring pack of 9gms


click for Full viewgold . silver . copper .

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M1486mm jumpring .7mm thick - 9gm pack


click for Full viewsilver . gold . copper .

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M146 M150d M03e

M342gFiligree Metal beads 8mm pack 10


click for Full viewcopper .

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M125t M342c

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