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  code  description  colours  similar
M604fSwarovski 500008 Sun AB round crystal faceted beads- 2 pcs


click for Full vieworange . crystal .

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M630 M610i

M604gSwarovski 500008 Sun AB round crystal faceted beads- 10 pcs


click for Full viewmixed .

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M630 M610i

M606bSwarovski 3700 margarita flower 6mm -6 pcs


click for Full viewcrystal .

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M630 M610e

M611c22mm 6090 baroque faceted crystal pendant- 10 pcs


click for Full viewcrystal ab .

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M625bAAA lead crystal 4mm round AB- 1 strand


click for Full viewcrystal .

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M625f M640b

M625fChinese crystals 4mm round faceted - 1 strand


click for Full viewgold . pale blue . amethyst . amber . royal blue . olive green .

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M625f M625b M640b M650h

M627fAAA lead crystal beads 4mm bicone AB - 1 strand


click for Full viewcrystal ab . mixed .

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M625b M611b M650h M592

M630AAA Glass Round Spacer Bead - 1 strand


click for Full viewgreen . blue . black . crystal . amethyst . amber .

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M625b M650h M592

M640bLead crystal 6mm round bead- 1 strand


click for Full viewred . black . green . pale blue .

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M650h M625f M630 M640f M640b M804

  code  description  colours  similar
M640fAAA lead crystal beads 6mm round AB- 1 strand


click for Full viewlight pink .

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M640f M625f M625b M640f M640b

M650hCrystal 10mm round- 1 strand


click for Full viewmixed . crystal ab .

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M625f M630 M640b M640f M640b M804

M803kCzech Fire Polished 6mm Faceted - 50pcs


click for Full viewcrystal . pink . amethyst . amber .

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M803g M802a M803e M803b M806f

M807Black Agate 14mm faceted round bead- strand


click for Full viewblack .

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M807j M806j

M872fOpalite 6mm faceted beads- 20pcs


click for Full viewwhite .

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M872gOpalite 6mm faceted beads - 1 Strand


click for Full viewwhite .

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