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Not available
U002 Scrolls. this item
U014 Floral frames. this item discontinued
U018 Floral Corners. gold
U023 Xmas baubles. this item
U025 Xmas trees. gold
U029 Numbers. this item discontinued
U030 Numbers. this item
U034 Thank you so much Flowers. this item discontinued
U035 Little Flowers. gold
U043 I Love You. this item
U049 Merry Christmas. this item discontinued
U051 Merry Christmas. silver
U052 For You. gold
U053 Thank you so much. this item discontinued
U055 Congratulations. this sheet
U056 From To. this item
U058 Happy Birthday. gold
U061 Best Wishes. gold
U062 Scrolls. this sheet
U069 Flower Scrolls. this item
U074 Scrolls. this sheet
U075 Scrolls. this item
U076 Scrolls. this sheet
U077 Scrolls. this item
U078 Flower corners. this sheet
U082 Scrolls. this sheet
U083 Corners. this item discontinued
U090 Floral Scrolls. this sheet- discontinued
U102 Xmas peace. this item
U103 Xmas flowers. gold
U109 Baby themes. this item discontinued
U116 Thinking of you. this sheet
U119 Good Luck. this item
U125 Wedding themes. gold
U136 Scrolls. gold
U146 Scrolls. this sheet
U152 Christmas. this item
U154 Christmas socks. gold
U159 Roses. gold
U164 Invitation. silver
U166 Welcome. this item
U168 Butterfly leadlight. this item discontinued
U169 Flower leadlight. this item
U170 Flower leadlight. gold
U172 Hearts. this sheet
U175 I Love You. this sheet
U181 Wedding Church. gold
U186 Thank you. this sheet
U190 Congratulations. this sheet
U192 Its a Boy. this sheet discontinued
U193 Its a Girl. this sheet discontinued
U194 Happy Birthday. this sheet
U196 Fairy with Flowers. this sheet
U199 Happy Anniversary. this sheet
U703 Happy Birthday Holographic. red
U704 Lettering Holographic. gold
U716 Merry Christmas Holographic. red
U720 Happy Birthday Holographic. royal blue
U901 A Gift For You. silver
U907 Butterflies. this item
U912 Dolphins. gold
U913 Fish. this sheet
U914 Lazy Daisy flower power. this sheet
U918 Happy Birthday. this sheet
U922 Lettering. silver
U929 Religious themes. this item
U934 Stars. this item
U935 Straight Lines. gold
U958 Happy Christmas. silver
U966 Xmas themes. this item
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