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Range of Tide Clocks from $59

Tide clocks show how long until the next tide. Ideal for surfers, fishers, and boaties.

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brass tide clocks
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These clocks are made in Australia from local and imported parts

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Give a bug-free backyard
No more Mozzies!

Mosquito season is about to start, but you can stop it in its tracks now

The Australian designed bug eater. This bug catcher controls mosquitos without pesticides or insecticides, because the only chemical it uses is household detergent. It does not blast bits of bug bodies all over the place, like the mosquito zapper, so it is safe in food areas. No high voltage grid and no poisons, so the bug eater is safe to leave in the backyard.   Click for  detailed Bug eater instructions
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Guaranteed to work: $179 + $15 freight

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Rat Sonic Mouse Repeller

Keep mice and rats out of the garage, workshop, storeroom, holiday home or warehouse.

sonic mouse repeller When it gets colder mice come in looking for warmth and food. Force them back out!

Mice & rats hate these sounds

An environmentally friendly way to combat rodents, Ratsonic utilises automatic wave variation, minimising the chance that pests become immune to the sound. It attacks the auditory and nervous systems of rodents. This pressure causes them to abandon their food sources and shelters. Activate it in a room or shed, and the rats and mice will avoid that area. It does not harm dogs and cats

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A really good night's sleepThe Gift of a Good Night's Sleep- $110!

This revolutionary new design combines the softness of quality polyester fiber with the unbeatable support of inner springs. The advanced inner spring construction helps you get a great night's sleep! If you like a firmer, supportive pillow, you will love these.

They feature a unique Pocket Spring System, ensuring that your head and neck are totally supported while the air flows around the springs giving you a cooler, more refreshing sleep, year after year. Inner spring pillow.

Satisfaction guaranteed!Our micro-coil Spring Pillows feature a unique inner spring support system consisting of 40 high quality stress-relieved spring coils securely positioned in spun-bonded, non-woven fabric.

The pocket springs work independant of each other to support neck and head in varying degrees, responding to the forces exerted at different positons, to get you a really good night's rest. Order online now



Practical life-saving gift for the person who has everything.

Protect your children, home and valuables. 1Kg ABE fire extinguisher and a large 1.8 Mtr fire blanket

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Home Fire Safety Combo

Great multi-purpose fire extinguisher for the house, car or boat. Fire blankets are made out of fire-resistant fabric and are used to smother flames caused by cooking or clothing fires. They may be used as a thermal barrier against radiated heat. In the case of a clothing fire, the victim should be wrapped in the blanket and rolled on the ground. This blanket is large enough for an adult clothing fire.

Makes a great house warming present, or a practical wedding gift - you may even save their lives!

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To find out more visit Fire Extinguisher Sales


Ships Bell Clock

Ships bell clock chimes every half hour up to 8 bells. Perfect nautical gift.

Ships Bell clock
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Snake Repeller

Snake Repeller

Pack of 2 is $95 plus $15 freight


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