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Using Looping Pliers to make Eyepins

Get the exact same loop everytime with these stepped looping pliers

Step 1- Place the headpin at one of the 3 sized "steps" on the mandrill- according to the size of the loop you want to make - ours shown using the smallest one at the end Step 2. Squeeze to start the loop
Step 3. Roll all the way over the mandrill Step 4. Now twist the other side all the way over
Step 5. Remove from pliers Step 6. Cut with your flush cutters
Step 7. If needed tighten loop up Step 8. Put back in pliers, hold tight with shank near edge of pliers and bend back so loop is now centered
Step 9. You've now made your own eyepin Looping pliers can be good for "in-close" work too
Use round nose pliers to finish and tighten the loop
Now its up to you

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