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cloisonne tubesCloisonne Enamel Beads

Genuine Handmade Chinese cloisonne. Cloisonné enamelling, is the decorative art of applying enamel of all colors to the surface of a copper object which is then fired to become a bright and colorful work of art. This artistic technique was transmitted to China sometime in the early to mid-14th century and reached its peak of perfection as a result of the concerted efforts of Chinese artisans.

click for more beadsThere are two main types of Chinese cloisonné beads. The most common type being Jingtailan, (Chinese for cloisonné) pronounced, [Gin-Ty-Lan], characterized by fine wire seperations. The second and not as common, are Yinlan, characterized by solid brass separations. Invariably Yinlan beads are of higher quality, superior color separation, smooth finish, consistent quality. Jingtailan beads are occassionally inconsistent in color, uniformity and misplacement of wire separations. Many believe this adds to their character.

To make a cloisonné bead, the coppersmith first solders brass wires or strips to the surface of a copper object to form a pattern or illustration. Next the spaces jingtailan beaddelineated by the brass wires are filled in with enamel paste, and the object is then fired. After every firing, the enamel contracts, producing an uneven surface. It is necessary to fill in the uneven places with more enamel paste of the same color many times over. The final surface is polished smooth, and the exposed brass wires between the patterns are gold plated.

Yinlan style bead


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Yinlan style bead

Cloisonne heart pendantwire cloisonne crossWant to learn more about Cloisonné history- click here or here

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Are you looking for fine silver to make your own cloisonne?
We can supply fine silver rectangular wire in 1.3mm x 0.2mm, and 1mm thick fine silver sheet
Please contact us for pricing

Closinne is often misspelt, the correct spelling is Cloisonné from the french [pronounced cloyz-on-ney], but don't miss out on our Cloisonne square beadcloisonne heartclosinee just because you can't spell! Hopefully these misspellings will help you find us in the search engines: closiné clioson cloisonne closiney closinade closanade cloisinee cloisinne

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