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Display busts
Display Busts

Marilyn necklace on leatherette display bust

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Tips on Jewellery Displays

display carry case with traysFor ideas on how best to display your jewellery, you can't go past looking in the jeweller's windows. Take note of which stands they use for bracelets and which for earrings, and necklaces. Have a look at the background colours they use for gold or silver jewellery. You'll also get ideas by looking through catalogues and women’s fashion magazines

laydown necklace displayThe idea is not necessarily to copy them, but use them to inspire a great new display of your own! Apart from using our professional display stands, you could make your own props using everyday items like: rocks, fabric, wooden boearring puff padsxes or bowls, dolls, driftwood, sculpture, leather, suede, handmade paper, bamboo stalks, silk petals or paper flowers, old books with plain covers, satin pillows, a knarled tree branch, baskets, fake fur, pottery, seashells, sand, denim clothes, vases, lace, hang items from ribbon, lying on a mirror, hanging in front of a mirror, pinecones, stuffed evening gloves, picture frames, antiques. . . Remember the purpose of the stand is to show off the jewellery - to draw the customers eye to it - don't get carried away with the display stand at the expense of the jewellery!. In market stalls the common problem is too much to see, so a few well placed jewellery display stands with your best items on them, will give the customer something to focus on. Lighting is crucial for jewellery display, whereever possible get strong directional lights that focus on your key items

bracelet boxesDon't have too many colours in the one display. The tablecloth and the stands should work peacefully together, but contrast with the jewellery on display, so it stands out. As a rule of thumb, use no more than three colours. Consult a colour matching wheel, to see what colours work with each other. "Busy" colours/patterns will distract from the jewellery. Group by colour or style eg necklaces together, gemstones together.

On stalls or exhibits always be approachable, personality sells! Mirrors . mirrors and more mirrors! Customers like to see how it looks - always make it easy for them to try the piece on, and see it in a mirror. Once they've picked it up you're half way to a sale, so don't pin everything down so they have to ask!.price tags Ensure it has a price tag. Most people will assume that if they have to ask for the price, it must be very expensive... Keep the price tag after you sell it, save yourself money by recycling; string price tags are easy to remove. Get a business card and put it in the bag with every sale- the customer and their friends may want to know where to get more. Presentation packing varies from a nice paper bag, an organza bag or a jewellery box. We can also supply cellophane bags and resealable plastic bags. If using an organza bag and business card, choose the colour of the bag so the card will accentuate it. We have a big range of market stall supplies.

Wear your own jewellery prominently. Most people have grown their business from people asking them where they got the jewellery they are wearing, and "Can you make me one?"

Display bust

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